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In 2018-19 we received:

  •  4,188 complaints - a 2% increase on the 4,125  received in the previous year.
  •  1,707 enquiries - an 89% increase on the 904 received in the previous year.

We determined:

  • 5,662 complaints and enquiries - a 10% increase on the 5,130 determined in the previous year. 

  • 1,707 - the number of enquiries on which we gave advice, support and signposting information.  A massive 89% increase on the 904 in the previous year.
  • 3,955 – the total number of complaints determined.  A decrease of 6% on 4,226 in the previous year.
    • 3,285 - complaints were decided following detailed consideration pre-investigation.  These were not investigated for a number of reasons, such as out of jurisdiction, out of time or we could not achieve more for the complainant by investigating.
    • 670 - the number of complaints we investigated.  68% of which were about the health sector.
  • 58% - the overall rate of upheld complaints.
  • 1,160 recommendations made for redress and improvement to public service:
    • 386 for personal redress
    • 644 for learning and improvement
    • 130 about complaint handling.
  • 20% - the proportion of complaints that reached us before completing the organisation's complaints procedure.  Down from 24% the previous year. 

For further information about the descriptions we use in our statistics, please see our explanation of terms.

2018-19 annual letters

The Ombudsman sends some authorities an annual letter about their complaint numbers. 

Updated: March 17, 2021